What can you do to help your lemon law attorney

There is nothing more frustrating then owning a lemon car, but with the help of a lemon law attorney you can be back to driving without car troubles soon. What determines whether you have a lemon car varies from state to state. With the help of a lemon law lawyer, you can quickly identify if your car fits the description.

Determining whether your car is a lemon varies from state to state, so you must consult a lemon law attorney to determine whether or not you fit the criteria. The reason for this is that there are strict consequences in some states, while others are minimal. The state of Colorado is one of few lemon laws that states if you lose a case you could be responsible to pay tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees to the manufacturer. However, in the state of California 99% of cases does not go to trial leaving you with your greatest loss being the lemon. You can find all of the specific states lemon laws here:


Before purchasing a car there are a number of things you can do as well to prevent buying a lemon car. Taking written notes of all conversations you have with your dealership and repair technicians is suggested. You should include the date, time, and everything that was discussed in the conversation. This will many times keep you from buying a lemon as dealerships will realize the severity of the situation.

Keeping a copy of all documentation you have for your cars history, including all repair orders, contracts of purchase, and warranty books are vital. This will help lemon law lawyers fight your case when the time comes.

Along the same lines, it is recommended to make a timeline of all your repairs. You should know the time and date for all repair attempts you had, the number of times you took the vehicle to be repaired, and how many days total your vehicle has been out of service. With the appropriate documentation of the cars history and all of its repairs, this will make it much easier to win your lemon law case as oppose to you attempting to remember when you did what.

There might be many people that will tell you the problems experienced are minor and do not qualify under the lemon law. However, only a lemon law attorney who is aware of the specific conditions of the law in your particular state can comment on whether your car qualifies or not.

While consulting a lemon law attorney is vital in getting rid of your lemon car, there are so many things that you can do as well. Nobody plans on purchasing a lemon car, but it is always better to be safe then sorry. So take the appropriate actions by doing some of the little things that could save you against your states lemon law.