Use These Powerful Law Of Attraction Tips To Attract Your Desires!

Whether you are aware of it or not, the law of attraction is constantly affecting your life. Unfortunately, if you dont control your feelings and your thoughts, which send messages to the Universe in the form of vibrations, this law is not likely working in your favor much of the time. You can change that, though, if you follow some basic (but powerful) law of attraction tips. By doing so, you can begin to attract the things you want in your life, such as wealth, love, or even your dream car. This article discusses two powerful law of attraction tips to help you.

Know Exactly What You Do Want

One of the most important law of attraction tips anyone can give you is this: you need to be crystal clear regarding what you want to attract into your life. Typically, when people first hear about the law of attraction, they write down everything they want. Their list usually includes things like to have lots of money, or to fall in love, etc.

The problem is, those are rather vague desires, and vague doesnt work when it comes to law of attraction tips. For example, lots of money to one person may be several hundred dollars, whereas for someone else, it may be millions of dollars. And the Universe cant tell the difference!

If your idea of lots of money is in the millions, youre probably not going to be thrilled with a hundred extra dollars every two months! So, for this first of the law of attraction tips, it is essential that you understand that being vague just wont work.

Clarity regarding your desires is a key factor in all law of attraction tips. You have to be really specific, so the Universe can know precisely what you want to attract. If its lots of money, then state exactly how much. If it is to fall in love, then describe that relationship that perfect partner in detail. You are much more likely to attract your desires when you are very clear and specific.

Picture it in Your Mind, Tapping into All Your Senses

Visualizing your desires as if they were all in your life today not tomorrow or next year is one of the most effective law of attraction tips. However, when most people visualize, they just create a mental picture. The only sense they use is sight. They see what they want, but they dont also imagine how it feels to the touch, or how it smells, or sounds, or tastes. The more you can tap into all of your senses (as well as your emotions) when you visualize, the better!

For example, lets say you really want to attract your dream home. When you picture it in your mind, dont just focus on what it would look like. Imagine what the steps feel like as you walk up them towards the door. When you open the door, imagine how your new home would smell? What sounds would you hear? Would there be music playing? Or a fire crackling in the fireplace? What would the furniture feel like when you sit on it? How would the dinner your cooked in your dream kitchen taste? These law of attraction tips work best when you engage all your senses!

The more law of attraction tips you can learn, the better. However, the two law of attraction tips discussed here are two of the most powerful. If you apply them regularly in your life, you will find yourself attracting your desires more readily than you ever thought possible!