Types of Divorce Cases

Divorce is the dissolution of marriage and can fall under four different categories of divorce cases. The types of divorce cases that can be filed and heard in court are normally based on which state and jurisdiction you fall under. These categories include no fault divorce, uncontested divorce, absolute divorce, and limited divorce.

No fault divorce cases

In this category, divorce cases do not require either party to submit any proof or allegations of fault. If your marriage has reached the point of irretrievable break down a divorce can be granted with even minimal assertions. The basis for these divorce cases is irreconcilable differences so neither party will have to put the blame on the other. Most couples will split up amicably with no custody issues if there are children and no fighting over the division of property.

Uncontested divorce cases

In this category, a couple can become divorced after they reach a mutual agreement to end the marriage. They have also reached an agreement in regards to the division of any debts they have, property, and finances. If there are children the parents have also reached an agreement on custody. With these types of divorce cases they can take place quickly. The drawback with uncontested divorce cases is that in many cases one of the parties may unknowingly give away some rights that they could have asked for. It is a good idea to seek the opinion of divorce attorneys even if there is no bad blood between the parties.

Limited divorce cases

The laws in these divorce cases vary from state to state. It is based on the similar lines of separation and is granted only to couples who do not have the grounds for an absolute divorce. Couples who need court intervention to help the couples overcome their grievances and take care of their finances may also be granted a limited divorce. With these divorce cases the couple is required to stay separated. They can have no sexual relationship between each other or with any others. This period of time is given to the couple so they can settle their grievances concerning child custody and support, division of any property, health insurance, and alimony. Once the couple has all these grievances settled the court will complete the formalities of the legal separation.

Absolute divorce cases

This is an uncontested, no-fault divorce and is usually seen in marriages of less than five years. Their marital property is under thirty-five thousand dollars and does not include any vehicles. There are either no children or the custody and child support has already been decided. Most of these divorce cases are granted within thirty days of filing for separation but it depends on the state’s laws.

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