Twilight Saga Movie Story

Dense romantic vampire movie, Twilight saga movie story has taken the big screen like storm. Although the story revolves around the shallow romance between the vampire Edward and human Bella, still the movie is a click. The Twilight saga movie story basically depicts a vampire and a human that have fallen in love with each other. Bella Swan, the new girl in school, having moved to the dark suburb of Washington to live with her father, became drawn to a mysterious classmate, Edward Cullen. Edward, who seemed to be so determined to push her away, was unable to break free from the attraction that pulls them together even when he had disclosed that he is a vampire. The Twilight saga movie story tells a credible tale of consuming pubescent passion that lead to a grueling situation when Edward’s nemesis set sights on Bella.

The Twilight saga movie story was based on the popular young adult novel by Stephenie Meyer. The setting plays out in isolate, fog-shrouded rural woodlands of the rainy state of Washington, where local vampires inhabit and can freely roam around since the sun rarely shines. In the Twilight saga movie story, Bella Swan, is the moody teen loner who was relocated from her mom’s home, allowing her to live with her police officer divorced dad in this isolate place. From here, the Twilight saga movie story will walk you to the start of a budding romance between Bella and Edward.

In the Twilight saga movie story, the first time that Bella showed up in her first day at school, she was instantly attracted to the strange, mysterious, but handsome classmate Edward. If that is what you call love at first sight, then that would be it. But in the Twilight saga movie story, Edward resists to fall for Bella, because he can’t control himself around her. This is for the fact that she smells so delicious to him that he can’t keep his blood thirst urge. But as the Twilight saga movie story proceeds, Bella and Edward find their way to each other.

Edward, like any other good vampire, has predatory charisma that Bella find it hard to resist. As they get to know each other well and his secret revealed, Bella was not stunned about the fact that Edward is a vampire. In the Twilight saga movie story, what she find irresistible is his refusal to give in to the hunger that tempts him the most. Edward Cullen became Bella’s window to the vampire world. The Twilight saga movie story, although sort of short in budget, still succeeded to make each scene appealing. With the romantic bliss portrayed in the Twilight saga movie story, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart perfectly suited the roles and they are really great in playing as pale and besotted teenagers.

The brooding romance of Edward and Bella in Twilight saga movie story became more interesting when Edward needed to protect her from become someone else’s meal. This is not really the point of the movie since it is not really an action flick. But in attempt to pull off action, Twilight saga movie story limited effects budget isn’t up to it, but still was made great by finding ways around doing anything too ambitious. The director of Twilight saga movie story, Catherine Hardwicke should be applauded for keeping the movie away from crash and burn. Though she was not given huge budget to do the best she can, still, the result was good enough.