Trust Law Office Of Michael Levitis For Filing Bankruptcy

When someone files for bankruptcy his property comes under the control of the court and court appoints a bankruptcy trustee to make sure that all the rules related to bankruptcy are adhered with. The name, address and contact details of this bankruptcy trustee are informed to you by court through a notice. The bankruptcy trustee is mostly a local lawyer with vast expertise in bankruptcy laws. To file bankruptcy you need to provide all the information to the court through your lawyer. The information which you provide to your lawyer must be accurate otherwise your chances of filing for bankruptcy become zero. Law Office Of Michael Levitis is one of the most reputed lawyers that are known for successful filing of bankruptcy in New York.
Bankruptcy trustee verifies the documents your lawyers have submitted for bankruptcy to make sure that everything is in order, correct and true. Its the duty of bankruptcy trustee to see that no injustice is done to either debtor or creditors. Bankruptcy trustee ensures that all non-exempt assets are sold to pay the debt and can discharge the debt if he feels that the creditors have deceitful intents. Its a common feeling that the trustee is there to represent only creditors and not debtors, well, this is not true. The work of a trustee is to liquidate the assets of the debtors and pay off his debts as far as possible. When there are no assets of any kind to liquidate then his only job is to see to it that the laws and procedures related o bankruptcy are followed in all respects.
Ever changing complex laws and procedures make filing bankruptcy very difficult and you need to have an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer by your side. Law Office Of Michael Levitis is one of the most sought after law firms in New York which has years of experience and expertise in dealing with bankruptcy cases and can be your right partner in filing bankruptcy. The bankruptcy lawyers at Law Office Of Michael Levitis make sure that all the paper work required needed for filing bankruptcy are complete in all respects