The Universal Law of Love – Natures Wonderful Healer!

Everything revolves around the law of love and unconditional love, we were put on this earth to learn the lessons of “how to love” one another unconditionally and to be kind. Ideally the law of love states that we love ourselves as much as one another, yet we are educated by the critics in society, as well as some of our friends, work colleagues and even our own family in a way that teaches us “not” to love ourselves or instill any self worth.

On top of this, our education also teaches us to sacrifice ourselves, firstly to our family and then to our profession, society, religion, culture and country. So in essence, we can’t really love ourselves right?

Well… This is the reason why there happens to be so much illness, due to imbalance in our lives and the lack of practicing the law of love on ourselves first and foremost. We send love to everyone and everything that we think and see as important to ourselves, but at the same time we often look upon ourselves and feel we need to be completely humble and neglect ourselves of recieving our own love, let alone the love and praise of others.

The law of love really was designed that we begin loving ourselves unconditionally, and this means even if we have created a process of illness within ourselves. If we truly embrace this idea of self-love, then we’ll begin to love all processes within ourselves, including illnesses such as cancer. Now this may sound quite strange if you’re not used to such depths of self-love, but if began loving the illness instead of fearing it, then we can begin to look upon it not as a life drainer, but as an opportunity to recognize ourselves.

When be begin loving all things in our environment, even those areas that we create that aren’t seen as positive (such as cancer etc), we begin to identify them as opportunities to learn about ourselves. So in essence this is a massive discovery for us to realize, and therefore we are able to balance out the cause of them, by looking deep inside ourselves. Once we heal the base cause we’ll stop magnifying the disease process as a result, because we’ll replace fear with love.

Our mission is to learn to love these seeming negative parts of us. We have to strive to give the illness a direction and not deny its existence, we can do this by not fearing them but by loving them just as we would like one of our own children who was constantly naughty.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn about ourselves and raise our own vibration towards enlightenment, it’s a lesson for us to master our own minds and thoughts on such things, and quite often uncover areas about ourselves that we didn’t know before, that’s the reason why things happen, so we can learn from them, it’s the universes way of communicating and educating us while here in our flesh bodies.

You see it’s easy to apply the law of love to the times when things are good to us and those people who flatter us, but it’s an entirely different love when we practice unconditional love. When the law of love is practiced completely, we give love to everyone, even the ones who don’t return our love back to us, and those who hate us and betray us (this is forgiveness in action and is “Extremely” powerful for our own being). Allow me to clarify, you love the person, but you don’t need to love the actions they carry out, and that is how we manifest wellness in ourselves and others.