The Law of Transmutation – How to Turn Dark Times Into Light!

The way to get these positive thought processes in action permanently is to take time each day to focus quietly on your existing surroundings, the people in it (including yourself), your family, pets, place of work, as it is now. Maybe there are some situations in your life that aren’t as good as you’d like, acknowledge things as they are and then lovingly move into a space in your mind where every scenario is perfect, loving and in balance.

Focus on how you felt in both modes of thought, and then decide to stay focussed upon the feeling that made you feel better inside (even if it’s not reality yet). By doing this you will bring your most dominant thought into existence by the law of transmutation.

So in summing up this lesson, try and keep in mind that positive affirmations will create positive thoughts, and positive thoughts will create balance, peace and love in your own life and the life of others. This love will override illnesses in yourself and others, disarm hate and negativity towards you (others who don’t react positively will simply give up or leave your presence), and you’ll know that your positive demeanour and vibrant energy will be going out to the world, playing it’s part in a global peace consciousness.

Affirmation: I am a powerful component of the universal force we know as God, and I have the power to change my unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions, from darkness and hatred into love, peace and light. By doing this, I become the love, peace and light that I project, this in turn goes out and comes back to me ten fold. I am the love that I want to create and am loved abundantly.