The Law Of Attraction From A Real And Objective Point Of View

Recently there has been much speculationre on the subject of the law of attraction.

Today there are many self-styled gurus of this inner power law of attraction to voice their expertise and advice for everyone to exploit and develop this innate ability in all human beings.

But the fact is that this power can be used by anyone with some simple and practical methods and has already had some scientific research that show. And we mean science first as more critical and objective authority not speculative or esoteric because the attraction is predominantly physical phenomenon.

To begin with we will say that everything in our universe is subject to the forces of attraction, from macroscopic bodies, atoms and molecules and even subatomic particles in the microscopic level.

But what are the forces that compromise the attraction to a detectable level? For humans barely grasp at our nervous system part of the energy that is around us in a billion, we have gravity and electromagnetic forces.

On the other hand we do not see the world or microscopic world, but its there as atoms, molecules and particles. For them we have: the Van der Walls forces, the strong force, the weak force, etc.. that hold together the particles of atoms and molecules and prevent an escape cataclysmic energy as for example with the sun or when an atomic bomb explodes.

In the case of the human mind neurons are known to produce electric current through the contact from nerve terminals or dendrites. Like every human being has averaged an incredible number of these $ 5,600 000,000 or more or less, the result of neuronal action as a whole produces a unified electromagnetic field which in turn find an answer in the universe by causing attraction this reaction or an alignment of events or circumstances favorable to initial sustained thinking.

Physics course, applied in this case, the attraction would run only as a result of an electric field which in turn produces a magnetic field. Any electric current produces magnetism.

In the case of the human brain the phenomenon of Attraction is presented for the result of a sustained thought that compromises the binding energy of millions of neurons directed toward a goal previously set by any human being.
Note that we use the term sustainable because it is thought habituated or repeated any anticipated event, which is manifested.

Although this explanation is not very complicated, your show if it is and far exceeds the scope of current science, because recent studies done on the brain, the man has a conscious part of your mind that is only sensitive to an average 7 simultaneous events and as stated above it is estimated that the human nervous system only captures one part in a billion of environmental energy.

And the current methods to scientifically verify physical laws for this limited set of capabilities that has the man by the classical method of observation, experimentation, hypotheses, conclusions and theories, making lost or not given greater importance to facts (because they occur) or phenomena that can dramatically help change the destiny of humanity, simply because they do not understand the process at some point or scientific method of verification.

Well this means neither more nor less than this phenomenon named for brain scientists is real and can be experienced, but can not conceptualize and check devices or methods by scientists still too limited to understand.

Therefore we must be practical and use this advantage to positively change our life and understand that they can not be shown because with our limited intelligence does not work then or worse that there and ignore it. Since occur anyway great or disastrous events in our lives according to the pattern of habitual thoughts, like it or not.

All can realize the power of our life atracin think for example in a mental image that had defined or event ever want or not want it to happen but it happened. What matters here is that it displayed, felt or heard was a fiery emotional effect. Thats when we came up with the situation expected in the outer physical reality.

However, we must exercise the mind and prevent dominant thoughts are negative: scarcity, pain, grief, suffering, etc.. because this is what tends to materialize.

By this power accessible by visualization using trained and oral statements made internally and externally we have thousands of cases around the world where men and women used this occult power known as The Secret and by implementing simple methods changed their story personal and economic and altered the destinies of the world. Names such as Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, etc.., Athletes, executives and ordinary people used and use this power and changed his life forever and destinations of humanity.

So anything that comes into your life, you are attracting and do it through your thoughts. So if your life experience negative situations, then it is because your thoughts were more inclined towards the negative. And if you want to continually experience positive situations, your thoughts should tilt toward the positive.

Best of all this is that whatever you attract into your life you does NOT mean they take him to someone else or something else youll miss it.

Everyone has an Account Unlimited for a prosperous life, healthy and happy.
We invite you to learn, expand and dominate your life the incredible power of the Law of Attraction. A power that we all have by nature and we use inadvertently although always works regardless of the opinion that everyone has to respect.

The good news is that now with the new techniques of todays technology you can recognize, develop and apply to change your life and that of all those who like and want to help.