The Importance Of Getting An Autism Lawyer

Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD, is a complex developmental condition that’s marked by reduced social interaction, communication, and repetitive behavior. Some conditions are Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Individuals with autism have limited interests that inhibit them from functioning normally at home, school, and society.

Signs of this disorder start to become visible at three years old. Listed below are signs you should watch out for to determine if your child is autistic:

-If the child does not babble by age one.

– If the child cannot utter a word or phrases by age two.

– Poor social skills. If the child doesn’t smile, avoids eye contact and will not play with other children and ignores them, the child could be autistic.

– A child who has intense focus on one object for a long period of time.

– If the child does not respond to his name.

– If the child has repeated movements such as twirling and rocking.

– If the child engages in self-injurious behavior such as head-banging and biting

Today, one in every 110 American children is diagnosed with autism. About 1.5 million people in America live with ASD. Boys are four times more likely to suffer from ASD than girls, with an estimate of one out of 70 baby boys being born with ASD in the U.S.

Recent research has found a higher risk of autism in kids whose moms used certain anti-depressants in their pregnancies. Based on this new study drugs such as Celexa, Prozac and Zoloft can trigger autism.

Studies also found a 3-fold risk of acquiring autism in kids whose moms took antidepressants in their first trimester. While there is a 2-fold risk of getting diagnosed in kids whose moms used the drugs during their second or third trimester.

Why must I get an autism lawyer?

Unless parents are well-informed with regards to important legal matters such as trusts, wills, and inheritance laws, trying to find a qualified autism lawyer is the best solution.

Autism lawyers work to represent the families of children identified as having ASD. They help parents learn about the numerous laws and intricate legal details taken into consideration when parents want to arrange long term-care for their child.

Trying to find a good autism lawyer on the web is an excellent start. Attorneys who practice family law can be qualified; however, they might not be aware of the actual needs or limitations of a person identified as having ASD.

Many autism attorneys will have family members who’ve got this kind of disorder. Thus, they’re acquainted with the ins and outs of the system.

Autism attorneys likewise have quite a few connections to various counseling services to help parents and family members deal with a child who’s got ASD. They make sure parents resolve to provide for their child to the best of their abilities.

Consulting a qualified autism attorney will benefit the child with ASD. They make sure the child is financially stable and taken care of even after the parents die.