The Honley Law Practise- Solicitors In Huddersfield

The Honley Law Practice and their professional solicitors are based in the Holme Valley near Huddersfield. The Honley Law Practice is an independent law firm and manages to remain independent by not paying commission to referral agencies. This independence allows these huddersfield solicitors to offer cost effective and unbiased services in employment law, family law and property law just to name a few.

One of the many professional services thatThe Honley Law Practice provides in Huddersfield is in Family Law. Family law is a broad term that encompasses a number of issues. Honley law has a number of divorce lawyers and solicitors in Huddersfield that can guide you through family law issues. In the past our Huddersfield solicitors have represented clients from many different types of family including those who are married, living together or in a civil partnership. Honley Laws Huddersfield solicitors can provide you with sympathetic tailored advice and will aim to resolve your family issues in a timely manner trying to avoid court where possible. Aside from divorce solicitors the Honley law can also help you with pre-nuptial arrangements.

Honley Laws Huddersfield solicitors also specialise in employment law and work issues. Employment law can be extremely difficult to understand and take on by yourself as it is an area of law that changes regularly. If you are an employer itsessential to understand employment laws as compensation for things like unfair dismissal can now amass to up to 50,000. Honley laws Huddersfield solicitors can simply explain these laws to you so you and your employees are aware of their rights. The Honley Law Practise have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of employment law so can guide you through contracts, disciplinary action, employment tribunals, breaches of contract and unfair or wrongful dismissal.

The Huddersfield based solicitors are also experienced in property law. Property law can cover tenancies, property disputes and the renting or selling of commercial property. Property disputes can include arguments between neighbours or disagreements over property boundaries. Whenever possible the Honley laws solicitors will attempt to settle disagreements via negotiation in order to avoid the stress and costs of taking a dispute to court, but when this is unavoidable the Huddersfield solicitors will provide a high quality professional service.

The Honley Laws Huddersfield solicitors can also act as conveyancing solicitors. The conveyancing solicitors will be able to guide you through buying, selling or remortgaging your home. The Huddersfield solicitors can ensure you a professional service and they do this by staying in constant contact and by not having any connections with letting or referral agents, so all legal advice provided by the solicitors is completely independent and unbiased.

Planning for the future can be difficult and with the risk of paying high inheritance taxes you may wish to come to the Honley Law Practice to see how you can save more money for you family after you have gone. With the help from their Huddersfield solicitors, making a will can be simple and stress free and should be completed within a week. When settling your affairs tax planning is essential, at the moment inheritance tax is at 40% for estates worth 325,000 or more but with the help of the Honley Law Practices expert solicitors this can be avoided.

So if you live in and around Holmfirth, Honley, Huddersfield or West Yorkshire,contact the Honley Law Practices Huddersfield solicitors for practical advice.