The Attractive Aspect Of Becoming A Lawyer

In a Forbes poll, it was cited that children between the ages 5 to 12 years old dreamed of becoming either an astronaut, an athlete, a doctor, fire fighter, pilot, scientist, and lawyer, to name a few. What is interesting to note is that when it comes to their vision of being an advocate of the constitution, children seem to have a skewed, dare-say sensationalized, view of what it means to become a law practitioner. With shows like Law & Order as well as Suits, thats not difficult to comprehend. But there are other perks to the profession aside from the courtroom fireworks and moral rewards (provided you are fighting on the side of good). Those who are deciding on what career to take should find the following perks on being a lawyer interesting.

a. Earning potential. Its no secret that being an attorney fetches a lot of money. In fact, they are considered among the highest paid professionals in the legal industry. The national average for a lawyers annual salary ranges around $110,590. If you are affiliated with a high profile firm or is one of the worlds leading attorneys, there is a possibility that would earn millions of dollars in income. Of course, that is something you can only realize when youve garnered enough experience and tenacity to attract loads of clients. Unlike other jobs, lawyers do not fetch a monthly salary. They are per transaction basis.

b. Mental Challenge. There are some people who appreciate development more than money itself. No one wants to stagnate. Being a lawyer provides multiple levels for growth and success, and it is not the type of job you would call boring. Every day learn something new. Every day you encounter a unique case. And in every case, you are able to contribute to the bulk of knowledge that circulates the industry. And with law practice, you can specialize in a number of fields, giving you something to always occupy yourself with.

c. Prestige and respect. This is a by-product of your climb to success. The more you earn and the more cases you win, the more you gain peoples attention and admirations; sometimes even envy. And regardless of whether you are playing for the defence or prosecution, you will always be able to reap these rewards.

d. In demand skill set. Being a lawyer allows you to gather a huge number of knowledge which is applicable in a number of professions. If you suddenly decide that being in the courtroom is no longer your thing, you could pursue a new career with your degree and experience as your platform. You could run for a political position, become a consultant, manage a company, write a legal thriller novel, or teach in a University.

e. Work environment. You have a number of options when it comes to work environment when you are a lawyer. It usually depends on what your practice is concentrated on. Environmental and humanitarian lawyers are often in the field. Corporate attorneys are housed in nice, fancy offices with a view. Those that work for a popular firm may get treated to a variety of comfort facilities such as gym, spa, parking spaces and gourmet dining areas.