David Clark Is Your Illinois Warren County Dui Attorney

While many articles about DUI deal with the fact that a person arrested for the offense can face jail time and thousands of dollars in fines, few articles discuss the need for an Alcohol Evaluation and how that evaluation can affect ones life and pocketbook.

Local DUI Attorney David Reid Clark who practices DUI Defense in Warren County, Illinois, knows the law and knows the requirements that accompany the law in DUI cases.
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For any first time DUI arrestee most cases require an Alcohol Evaluation to be conducted by a licensed provider in the State of Illinois. What few people realize is that there are several levels of evaluation and each one carries with it certain monetary obligations and time commitments.

While most offenders would prefer to be rated Level 1″ or minimal risk, the fact of the matter is that if a driver refuses breath testing he or she will automatically be presumed at least Level 2″ with a moderate risk rating, and it can only go up from there.

Once Level 3 is reached there are thousands of dollars at stake for the person arrested as well as 70 hours of treatment that could be imposed. It is important to know what your evaluation will entail if you are arrested for DUI in Illinois and local Warren County DUI Attorney David Reid Clark has helped many avoid the harshest outcomes in a DUI case.

Obviously, when a driver is given an evaluation for a DUI and past alcohol consumption, the submitted answers should never be I can drink my friends under the table but what to report to an evaluator is as important as what someone tells a police officer during an arrest. Local DUI Attorney David Reid Clark understands the evaluation process and the problems that a driver can create with the wrong answers in an evaluation interview.

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