Stop Blaming And Learn How The Law Of Karma Works To Accept Responsibility

The law of karma is very simple and has been known for thousands of years. The law of Karma is known in Christian teachings, as well as in many other cultures. It says: “Whatever you do to others will be done to you, in this or any future incarnation of your soul”.

This law is so straightforward and logical, it sometimes is hard to believe, that some persons still think they may somehow get around it. If you knock your head against a wall, it is obvious, it may damage the wall and it may hurt your head. If you knock someone by physically fighting, you may cause harm, pain, injury to the person and the law of Karma requires you to experience the same pain. This is to have you learn to behave in a way that causes but pleasant experiences to others and yourself alike.

Whatever you do, you may attract persons around you, that have a same or similar Karma than you have. If you are of a physically fighting nature, you may attract such persons again and again. Until you start to become aware of your own behavior and start to be fed up with the result of your very own actions. Until you start to strive for a more peaceful environment. The only sure method of finding one is changing your very own behavior.

The law of karma applies for individuals as much as for families, villages, nations, cultures or even entire planets.

The karma law applies for all you do toward any being including animals, nature or any beings of any nature beyond physical sphere, humans, including what some may consider “criminals” – remember: All are children of God, made out of his Holy Spirit, made to the image of God. God is Love means you too are supposed to be loving to all. All your actions, all of your words, all of your thoughts, all of your fantasies are subject to the law of karma!

If you start to analyze your past, you may easily recognize that anything painful happening to you was nothing else but what you have done in one way or another to someone else before. The way you broke up with an ex partner, the way you quit a job, the way you lied to a loved ones to obtain a favor you may have lost later on. All such painful experiences have their roots in your self created karma. Karma created in earlier days or years or karma from earlier incarnations. Karma never expires. However karma can be dissolved in love by learning from own mistakes and correcting mistakes made. A sincere remorse, a sincere feeling sorry for pain caused and a solid commitment to correct and convert to loving and happy making actions and thoughts may help to dissolve existing karma and thus save you from further pain in your own life.

All your thoughts and emotions, all your fantasy are energy and are permanently radiating like a radio station. They do permanently affect your environment and its behavior. Some may radiate thoughts and feelings of Love, thus raising the vibration of their environment and be of a healing nature to others. Others may cause a kind of mental or emotional pollution to others, like a car may be able to do, or the chemical and some other Industries may still do.

Your thoughts and emotions, no matter how secret you may consider them do affect all others around you. Your thoughts affect all around you. Thoughts affect the behavior, the action and reaction toward you from your entire environment. Your thoughts and emotions are part of your aura and may affect those dear to you, like your family and friends, even when you are thousands of kilometers apart of each others. Even family members having “died” a long time ago, may still be affected by such radiation of your aura. To create loving reactions in your environment a loving mind control is utmost helpful to avoid violent reactions toward you.

Beware of all your thoughts and emotions as well as all your words and action, because they create a reaction in your environment toward you. Be prepared to receive the kind of energy you radiate from others. Be even prepared to receive physically what you radiated in your fantasy or mind. Because a thought of violence or punishment toward any other person may hurt them even more than any physical violence and may come back as a physical reaction toward you.