Protect Yourself from the Law with a DUI Attorney

Everybody makes mistakes. Thats just life. When we do make mistakes that involve breaking the law, we are entitled to the best legal representation available. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in our court system. In offenses involving drinking and driving, a Seattle DUI attorney will help you show the court you are a levelheaded, practical, decent citizen who had a momentary lapse of judgment and made a mistake.

It would seem DUI law is pretty cut and dry. You either blow into a breathalyzer or get your blood tested. Theres all the evidence the police need for a conviction. You were driving with blood/alcohol level over the limit so therefore youre guilty. That isnt necessarily true. Most people only hire a Seattle DUI lawyer to help with court proceedings, but dont bother finding one who may actually help get the charges reduced or dropped because they think there is no point. Any Washington DUI lawyer will tell you this isnt true.

You drove while drunk making you automatically guilty. This is not the right attitude to have. No one is saying you dont have to pay for your mistake but you dont want that mistake to haunt the rest of your life. Yes its true that DUI charges are somewhat cut and dry. You broke the law and youll have to pay for it. However, a good Washington DUI lawyer can properly assess your situation and hopefully get the sentence reduced or possibly convince the court to change it to a different, lesser charge.

A Seattle DUI lawyer specializes in DUI law just as other lawyers specialize in areas such as personal injury or criminal defense. Its important to find a Seattle DUI attorney, since this is what they base their entire career around. They can provide you with valuable experience in defending DUI cases. They know all the ins and outs, and details lawyers of more general practices may not know.

No matter what part of the country you live in, youre facing serious charges after a DUI arrest. The right Seattle DUI attorney can get your sentence lowered to a fine, community service, and/or counseling, perhaps directly through AA.

A DUI can seriously affect the rest of your life. By finding a Washington DUI lawyer willing to work with you, youre hiring someone who knows every law regarding DUI. This is a priceless resource you cannot afford to be without.