Mad Fate, Asked A Reporter Angered Wen Ge Basa Law Suspended Negotiations Buying York

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Arsenal played well in the Emirates Cup, has always maintained the strong warm-up match. But manager Arsene Wenger’s mood is hard to get better, it had to blame Fabregas and Barcelona’s sex scandal, the media interest, and only Arsenal will not move the core.

And Milan’s first game, the conference has become the subject of whether or not related to Cesc Fabregas will move. Wenger sat in front of the media, want to know the same answer: Cesc Fabregas is to stay at Arsenal, or will go to Barcelona this summer? Last resort, Wenger can only patiently answered over and over again: a small law does not go, he will campaign the new season with the team.

Not wanted, after a conference, the topic has not changed. Media interested in another call, only one topic – Fabregas.

A lot of games do the contents of the article, in Arsne Wenger, the Arsenal of old and new players have come up with a good state, like Wilshere, Nasri, can the mouth from the media, listen to Wenger less than the name of a disciple, but is on vacation for a team still continued to explain.

“Please note that this is a conference game, and we have been talking about a player the game has nothing to do.” Wenger had had enough. No one seems to hear him be a reminder, the next took the microphone, or a mouth that is Cesc Fabregas.

No way, next only to remind the media information officer, question time is limited, suggesting that the list goes, the conference ended. Unexpectedly, the media did not take all this, one of them said, “Never mind, tomorrow, we will continue to ask.” In this regard, Wenger shook his head helplessly. Conference stop there, but when Professor relieved to leave the hall, sounded behind him and say hello, “Arce, the future of this time, we there or be square. Rest assured, we will ask the same question.”

Buy Barcelona talks suspended

Because of the insistence of Arsenal, Fabregas Barca move the issue on hold. Barcelona new chairman Russell has given up plans for the negotiations scheduled for London, the club is considering other alternatives.

Russell was originally scheduled for Spain, local time August 1 to London, but yesterday, Barcelona president canceled the ticket. Because of Arsenal’s insistence on the pursuit of Fabregas, Barcelona encountered enough resistance. Arsenal do not want to let go of a small law, from the club to coach Arsene Wenger, have tried to stop the transfer of small law, though, he clearly expressed the idea of going back to Barcelona.

These two days, playing Arsenal Emirates Cup, a small law returned home, accepted the award Arenys seaside town, so close to leave Barcelona, but can not fulfill aspirations of the small law. As anxious, is Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola. He always wanted to plan the new season a small law can be difficult to meet his club now appears this requirement.

In order to prevent this transfer, Arsenal are under contract for the small law bid 60 million euros, the price tag was Barcelona that can not be accepted. “Daily Sports Daily,” the disclosure, despite Guardiola wants a small law, but President Russell spending too much. As the club’s financial situation is not optimistic, for the small law has been unrealistic to come up so much money. Laporta in office, overhead, in particular, his last a transfer, cited Rubiliya from Valencia, it was Russell that the price is too low, should not be pulled out as many as 40 million euros.

Guardiola can do now but to accept, to accept the new season without Fabregas can be the club’s replacement, Everton’s Mikel Arteta, melons, handsome and not interested. Catalan media, so that, fix, melon Shuai have the potential for new mining, which is why, such as Candela teenager, received more coverage in the media space.

In addition, the Arsenal side, Wenger is still trying to prevent Cesc Fabregas this summer move to Barcelona for a glimmer of hope. He had asked to replace the small law broker, because brokers Dalundaien with Barcelona very close.