Law office of Michael Levitis Keeping Pace with Changes in Debt Settlement Laws

While the concept of debt settlement is no more a novelty, most people looking for debt relief are ignorant that there are now strict regulations regarding the operation of a debt settlement company. Initiated by the FTC, debt settlement legislation was brought to bring down the number of debt settlement scams. The recent recession spawned a number of debt settlement companies that claimed to help people to overcome their debts. Many of these companies took a major portion of their fees upfront and then scammed their clients. After receiving numerous complaints, FTC passed the debt settlement laws according to which no debt settlement company can charge its fees until an agreement has been reached. Now the consumer sees the services and the results of a debt relief company before paying for the same. It also ensures that a company does not run away after taking the money. Debt settlement FTC guidelines also state that a debt management company have to provide full disclosure to the client. In other words, they have to explain the client all the available options and how each one would affect them. It is exactly what professional debt companies like Law Office of Michael Levitis have been doing all along. Law Office of Michael Levitis ensures that you understand all of aspects of the debt relief program before you sign the dotted line. They tell you everything that you ought to know like how it will affect your credit score or what the legal consequences of debt settlement are. An average debt relief company leaves these things when explaining and make the whole process sound like a walk in the park. Law Office of Michael Levitis is both accredited and in full compliance with the debt settlement laws and takes the time to explain everything in detail to make sure you understand what all involves credit card debt settlement. Law Office of Michael Levitis is one of the most well known debt settlement agencies whose debt settlement program has worked well for hundreds. To know more about the services they offer or request an appointment, log on to.