Law of Attraction Tactics

Today, I’m going to discuss three tactics that you can start using today to invoke the Law of Attraction in your life. These three things are easy to do and won’t cost you a dime.

Positive Attitude

This one is pretty simple. Proponents of the Law of Attraction maintain that living in a perpetually positive state of mind will attract positive influences (some like to call them “vibrations”) in the world that will fuel positive changes in their lives. Whether these changes come in the form of circumstances that put you in a better, more successful place or opportunities that will bring success later in life, maintaining a positive attitude is going to help bring them about.

I like to think of this as mental preparation. Keeping up a positive attitude mentally prepares you to better handle things in life, as well as helping to align you for success.

Think about it: if you only focus on the negative, you’re never in the appropriate mindset necessary to appreciate the things you DO have in life – and you can’t use those things to move forward. For example, say you’re driving a junky car. You hate this car. Every time you hop into it in the morning to drive to work, you glare at it. It’s not pretty, it causes you problems, maybe it smells funny – whatever. You hate this car. But it’s the only care you have, and you can’t quite afford to get the better car you wish you had. During your morning commute, as you drive along the highway, you always notice all the nicer vehicles on the road. You see the guy in the tricked-out SUV, and you wish that was yours. By the time you get to work, you’re already in a foul mood and it shows.

So you have a crappy car.

So what?

Utilizing a positive attitude – your mental preparation – is useful in this instance. Rather than concentrating on how much you hate your ugly car, remind yourself that even if it’s ugly, it still gets you to work. In fact, you’re LUCKY to have a car at all. You don’t have to stand out in the rain, waiting for the bus. You don’t have to walk to work in the freezing cold of winter or the blazing heat of summer. Even if the car is a mess, at least it’s got climate control inside.

By appreciating your junk-mobile, even just a little, you are creating a more positive environment in your life – and maybe that positive environment will allow you to be in just a little better mood when you get to work in the morning, which will, in turn, allow you to perform better, which will eventually lead you to the raise that will allow you to buy your tricked-out SUV.

Or maybe not, but at least you’re not hating life at 7:30 AM every morning because your car smells funny. And that’s a positive in and of itself.


Proponents of the Secret/Law of Attraction are big on visualization. By visualizing yourself where you want to be in life, you will attract those “vibrations” necessary to get yourself to that place. Some Secret teachers even say to go one step further and utilize “holographic visualization,” which basically means that, along with mentally seeing yourself in a certain situation in life, you need to also emotionally put yourself there. You need to see these visions so clearly in your mind that it almost seems as if you are actually there.