Is Frostwire Safe And Legal

FrostWire is an open source Peer to Peer (P2P) application based on the Gnutella network and a popular alternative to the now defunct Limewire.

In fact, FrostWire has more than just a few similarities to Limewire, although unlike the latter, it does not carry advertising and there are no annoying pop-ups. Just as Limewire was, FrostWire is straightforward and easy to use. A simple search bar, divided by category, makes it a breeze to browse for a file, whether it is a video, image, audio, or program. FrostWire also has a Whats New button to check out what popular files users have recently exchanged.

One particularly handy feature of FrostWire is a special direct connect option. If you know the IP address of one of your friends, type it in the box and FrostWire will browse to that users files. This is a quick way of sharing files with someone you know although it would be even better if you could enter the username of a user rather than the IP address.

In terms of speed, much will depend on the speed of your own connection. It definitely helps though if you’ve correctly opened your router’s ports and whether youre downloading a popular file or not. To avoid the risk of downloading copyrighted or adult material, FrostWire also allows you to apply content filters. Another handy feature of FrostWire is a built-in media player. Video and audio can be tested using Frostwires media player which gives you an immediate preview of your file.

It should be noted that FrostWire is basically a stripped-down version of Limewire, but is a not-for-profit project. The developer claims it will never support Digital Rights Management (DRM) or any type of advertising. However, the demise of Limewire due to legal issues mean that FrostWire may well be targeted in the future for closure.

Some of the common questions are is Frostwire Safe? or is Frostwire Legal? or can I use Frostwire for mac? What is frostwire? Which one is better frostwire or limewire? Is frostwire better than limewire?

What is frostwire?
Frostwire is a file sharing network where you can share files and also download files of any type including music, video, pictures and programs in a reliable and fast manner. Yes, you can download files which means, you can use frostwire to download any file but whether you should download it or share it on frostwire depends entirely on you and on the copyrights on the shared file.

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For more technical people, FrostWire is a Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client software which is developed as open Source and freelance developers from around the world. It was build on the older version which was called Limewire and have many marked improvements over limewire. The developers of FrostWire give high regard and respect to the GNU General Public License and consider it to be the ideal foundation of a creative and free enterprise market which makes it a totally legal software. But it is often what you do with the software which matters most. FrostWire has evolved to replace LimeWires BitTorrent core for that of Vuze, the Azureus BitTorrent Engine according to their official website. Their mission is to be the best Free Open Source and Multinetwork P2P file sharing client and mainly aimed for creators willing to distribute their works for free under Creative Commons (or similar licensing models) to the BitTorrent and Gnutella networks.

Is frostwire safe?
The first question anyone who uses Frostwire would like to know is whether Frostwire is safe or not. So, Is frostwire safe? Yes, It is safe but it is not 100% safe if you are careless. Frostwire is completely free and open source which means anyone can have a look at the code and see if there are any security loopholes. Also Frostwire guarantees that there is no adware or malware in it and it is true, Frostwire is spyware free. But is frostwire safe for careless people? Absolutely not. You have to do your due diligence if you are deciding to use Frostwire. Limewire and Frostwire connect you to the same network. Frostwire has better protection against connecting to bad hosts but it neither Frostwire or Limewire are perfect. It is possible to download viruses if you are not careful.

You have to do the following for any downloads you do via frostwire to ensure safety:

1) Always check the file sizes. If you are downloading a mp3 song and if the file size is shown as 330Kb then, there is definitely something fishy.
2) Beware of files which contain only your original search term. There are some bad hosts which will automatically create a malicious file with exactly your search term. So if you are searching for Ipod tips and if you find a file with Ipod tips, you should check extensively to see what kind of file it is.
3) Always test downloads with your anti-virus before opening. When downloading a file through p2p software like frostwire of limewire, it is always safe to open your ativirus program. Once the file is downloaded, scan the downloaded file with your antivirus program to see whether it catches any malware, spyware or frostwire virus. If you find any sort of threats in frostwire downloads, quarantine it or delete it safely.
4) Remember that No p2p (eg Limewire or Frostwire) download can be 100% trusted. As useful as it may be, no pear to pear software should ever be trusted. If you have multiple computers, use frostwire in only one computer for downloads. Never keep your important documents in that computer. Frostwire is a wonderfully useful and good software but it all depends on how you use it.
5) Do not put any documents or files which you dont want to share in Frostwire folder. I think this is self explanatory.

Is frostwire legal?
Frostwire is free and Open Source. It is legal software and Frostwire free legal downloads can be done from the website. So far there is no legal case against Frostwire which prevents the use of the software. But legal issues does not stop with the actual software. Legally, It is more important to see how you use the software. For example, if you are using Frostwire to download copyrighted content or just released movies or mp3, that is clearly breaking laws. If at all you need to share the movie with your best buddy, share it and delete it afterwards. Dont let it be in the network for long. Sharing and downloading of copyrighted content is illegal. This is true with softwares, movies, mp3 songs, documents, PDFs, ebooks etc. So, finally Is frostwire legal? Yes it is? Does that mean everything that you do with frostwire is legal? No it is not? It is your own responsibility if you share or download copyrighted content. 90% of the time no one will come after you if you do so. But Do it at your own risk.

FrostWire for Mac:
So, is there a Frostwire for Mac? Yes there is. You can download frostwire for mac from here. In Frostwire for mac reviews, there were mixed emotions about the software but the majority of them were positive feed backs.

Here are the minimum requirements:
OS requirements for FrostWire for Mac: Mac OS X.
Minimum requirements for Frostwire for mac: Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Java 1.6 or later.

Is FrostWire safe for Mac?
Whatever is true for Frostwire for windows is true for Mac as well. So, yes frostwire is safe for Mac os provided you use it responsibly.

Frostwire or limewire? Is frostwire better than limewire?

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Frostwire is an improved version of limewire and yes, Frostwire is better than limewire. As per their official website, in late 2005, concerned developers of LimeWires open source community announced the start of a new project fork FrostWire that would protect the developmental source code of the LimeWire client and any improvements to the Gnutella protocol design. This clearly shows that Frostwire is better than limewire. There are some other p2p which I consider is better than frostwire also. But I will discuss that in a different article.

Fostwire Features:

The Fastest BitTorrent+Gnutella P2P Program.
Completely Free & Open Source.
Faster Download Speeds.
No Spyware. No Adware. Guaranteed.
iTunes Compatible.
BTIH Magnet Torrent Downloads.
Friendly Online Chat Rooms.
Improved BitTorrent Technology.
Even More Connections.
New & Improved Skins.

Is frostwire safe?

How to spot a virus in Frostwire or limewire

As mentioned earlier, there are some bad hosts which will try to pump virus into your computer. You should be extra cautious and should take calculated decisions on whether or not you should download a song or a software. It is not really safe to dowload everything which comes up in frostwire search results. Here is a small video on how to safely download using frostwire. This will help you spot virus in frostwire or limewire appllications.

Where can I download safely FrostWire and LimeWire :

FrostWire Free Download
LimeWire Free Download


Hope this answers all your questions. Just to summarise, Is frostwire safe? Yes. Is frostwire legal? Yes. Is frostwire better than limewire? Yes. Is there a frostwire for Mac? Yes. If you have any unanswered questions about frostwire and frostwire safety and security, please comment.