Injured At Work A Chicago Worker’s Compensation Attorney Can Help You Get Your Benefits

Workplace injuries are quite common in some industries and employers in those fields are very experienced in handling worker’s compensation claims. Employers are very aware of the rules regarding worker’s compensation and how to get an employee’s benefits terminated. Employees, on the other hand, typically have little experience with workplace injuries and depend on their employer for information and advice. Because getting the benefits you are entitled to is the most important thing when you are hurt, hiring a Chicago worker’s compensation attorney can ensure that your claim is filed properly and you get all the benefits you need until you are able to go back to work.

As an injured worker, you are entitled to medical care and compensation for the time you are not able to work. Whether you were seriously injured or your worker’s compensation benefits are set to terminate but you don’t feel that you are ready to return to work, you may benefit from hiring a lawyer. Your lawyer can protect your rights and ensure your benefits continue until you have recovered. You don’t have to accept the opinion of your employer’s doctor if you are not well enough to return to your job.

In all but exceptional circumstances, an employee cannot sue their employer for a workplace injury. However, an attorney can work within the worker’s compensation system to get a client the benefits they are entitled to while they are recovering. If your Chicago worker’s compensation attorney appeals a decision made on your case, the outcome will be decided by an arbitrator, not a jury. Your attorney will work hard to prove your case to the arbitrator so you aren’t forced to return to work before you are ready.

Your attorney will fiercely advocate for your rights, defending you from the time you file your application for benefits until the time your claim is terminated and you are either able to return to work or declared disabled. Injured workers in Illinois are entitled to two-thirds of their regular salary while they are unable to work. Your worker’s compensation attorneys only get paid when they are able to collect money on behalf of their clients.