How To Find A Phuket Lawyer

After being devastated by the tsunami that hit it in December 2004, the island of Phuket in Thailand went through a relentless restoration process. A construction boom then followed and many new hotels, apartments and houses were built. Very soon it was like the tsunami never even happened. The Thais did such a terrific job that by July 2005, Phuket was voted by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s Top 5 retirement destinations.

Foreigners by the thousands are lured by the tropical weather and the beautiful Phuket beach with many of them even deciding to stay for good. Aside from retirees many foreign investors have also chosen to establish their businesses in Phuket.
With this development, the demand for legal services in Phuket has increased significantly. Foreign retirees need the professional expertise of lawyers in dealing with visa and immigration requirements and in the acquisition of property and real estate; while investors hire lawyers for visa and work permits and company registration in Thailand.

If you are an expatriate in search of a good lawyer in Phuket to handle your legal concerns, it is imperative that you get an experienced one who specializes in handling such matters. Do not engage the services of just any licensed attorney.One of the worst things that can happen is for you to end up with an inept lawyer who charges exorbitant fees. Below are some tips to help you find a good Phuket lawyer.

1. Talk to several lawyers first before deciding on whom to get. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Do not rely on your gut feeling alone. With the technology available these days you can even do a background check on your prospects by doing a google search.
2. Do not be fooled by advertisements. There are law offices that make unrealistic claims in order to attract foreigners who are ready to entrust everything to a lawyer. Be aware that when it comes to legal matters, it is best to choose lawyers who are straightforward and honest in telling you the real deal. Steer clear of smooth-talking lawyers who make it appear that they are out to make all of your wishes come true.

3. Do an internet research. Look for a law office with a comprehensive website that gives visitors complete information on the legal services they offer in Phuket. Websites that give free assistance via chat or emails are worth considering. To make sure, you can ask a question or two pertaining to your legal concerns. How they answer will give you a good idea on whether they are fit to handle your case.
4. Make a personal visit to their law office in Phuket. The look of the place is one way to gauge whether it is reputable or not. More importantly, being in the office gives you an idea on how a professional law firm operates. Use your visit as a chance to ask the Phuket lawyer questions pertaining to his or her area of legal expertise, the services being offered and the corresponding fees.

Fortunately there are now several highly reputable law offices that have set up shop in Phuket. One such law firm is Siam Legal which has its main office in Bangkok where the seat of government is located. This set-up makes the processing of legal documents easier as they are simply forwarded to the Bangkok office for attention. Aside from Phuket, Siam Legal also has satellite offices in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Samui. It is registered with the Thai Law Society and its lawyers are all bar council members in their respective home countries.

Siam Legal is a full service Phuket law firm. It specializes in providing professional Thai visa application service (within the applicant’s home country), as well as in the acquisition of property and real estate in Thailand. Aside from these, Siam Legal Phuket also offers litigation services, drafting of contracts for property and business transactions, family law advice, shipping and vessel registration, real estate conveyancing (title search and due diligence) and bespoke corporate services for people interested in doing business in Phuket.

It is staffed with Phuket lawyers and solicitors who are highly respected in their own fields of expertise. Siam Legal Phuket is the leading international law firm in Southern Thailand, which is known for assisting its foreign clients in structuring and implementing the best legal strategies in the most cost-effective way.