How To Become A Good Lawyer

A good lawyer comes from being a person of good character, but technically, good lawyers should accomplish satisfactory if not excellent grades from any 4 year courses in college (bachelors degree) and must have 3 years in law school.

Lawyers are expected to be equipped with good communication and writing skills. There are a lot of law students who excelled during their college years but have difficulty in law school because of poor penmanship or being unable to express their opinions in public or in a courtroom. A lawyer should be fluent in English in a courtroom, and should be able to receive constructive criticism. These also mean that you must have a wide knowledge on basic laws. Lawyers generally have backgrounds in English, Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Political Science, Economics, Public Speaking and Foreign Languages. Critical thinking and analytical reasoning of solving problems is very important. A lawyer who sets goals in a systematic way will find it easy to deal the day-to-day demands of court and cases assigned.

New applicants must take and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before admission to law school. It serves as a measurement of proficiency in reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools use as one of their screening tests. The test is given to aspiring law students quarterly in different nations worldwide.

Prior to submission on law school, a lawyer must decide his field of interest or specialization to put into practice. Some lawyers find it advantage to specialize based on their college courses. A student graduated of accountancy is best suited to become a corporate lawyer. A pre-med graduate finds its easy to deal with legal matters in the court concerning medical malpractice and other medico-ethical cases. Good lawyers initiate and perform their job well if familiarity in legal issues governed the case is established. Others take different fields of specialization aside from their course in college for they find it a challenge to tackle unfamiliar fields of interest. Its also good for a lawyer to stand for what he believes in, but it even better if a lawyer seeks opinions from other lawyers or seniors. This allows collaboration of opinions and derivation of a better solution or conclusion to a problem.

A good medium of acquiring knowledge and development of systematic skills is to have an internship in a courtroom or to become a student assistant of a court lawyer. Its a good opportunity for a law student to see what it really takes to become a good lawyer.

A good lawyer displays not only intelligence and mastery of law but also an attitude and character towards work. The judge in a courtroom notices lawyers who perform their job with dignity and sense of respect. They are generally recommended for promotions and receive acknowledgment of the service they have rendered. Its not the school or peoples opinions that molds a good lawyer, but the lawyer who decides and stand up to become one.