How Can A Palm Beach Divorce Attorney Help You

If youre looking for a Palm Beach divorce attorney, you might be wondering just what you can expect from your attorney. Are all divorce attorneys the same? What services can you expect an attorney to provide for you? What rates can you expect to pay?

To begin, you should know that all attorneys have to graduate from college and law school, pass the bar exam in their state (in this case, Florida), and meet a range of other important qualifications. In other words, becoming a Palm Beach divorce attorney takes a lot of work, so you can expect that any attorney you hire will have some impressive qualifications.

However, not all divorce attorneys are the same.

Things like ethics, experience, ability to communicate, and philosophy are the qualities and characteristics that make every lawyer unique. For example, some divorce attorneys might believe in taking an aggressive, take-no-prisoners approach to securing a divorce. Others may prefer to avoid courtroom drama and just get their clients divorced with as little stress as possible.

Thats why its so important that you actually take the time to learn about your attorney before hiring them. You want to make sure the divorce attorney you choose is someone you actually feel comfortable with. You need to have confidence knowing your attorney will actually make decisions on your behalf that are in your best interest. Because if you cant trust your attorney, whats the point of even hiring one?

But what exactly should you expect from your attorney? What does a divorce attorney do for clients?

First of all, communication is vital. Its reasonable to expect your attorney to return your calls or respond to your emails in a timely manner. Its also reasonable to expect your attorney to communicate with you and give you updates whenever progress is made in your case. You should always know the status of your divorce case, so if your lawyer isnt communicating, it might be time to find new legal representation.

Its also reasonable to expect your attorney to handle all of the details surrounding your case, so you dont have to deal with it. This means preparing and filing all required paperwork, meeting with your spouses attorneys, working to ensure fair property distribution and child custody agreements, and much more. In a Florida uncontested divorce, you shouldnt even have to go to court. Your attorney should appear on your behalf.

So, just how much can you expect to pay your Palm Beach divorce attorney?

The truth is that rates can vary greatly from one attorney to another. Some attorneys ask their clients to pay a large retainer fee up front. Others bill clients by the hour. Both of these methods of billing can be very expensive, costing clients thousands of dollars.

Recently, a new type of divorce attorney has started to appear in Florida. This is the flat fee attorney. Flat fee divorce attorneys charge a low, flat rate for divorce representation. Clients just pay this one-time fee plus court filing fees, and thats it. Many times, this saves clients thousands of dollars on legal representation.