Hire Renowned Business Lawyer, Dick Bufkin

Businesses need to be conducted according to certain business rules and laws. These laws deal with all of the aspects of the business including sales, partnership, trade, merchandising and conduct. It’s a very huge field and can be difficult for an individual to approach on their own. This is where business lawyers and professional financial advisors will help you. The business lawyer explains all of your responsibilities and also provides comprehensive information about what can and cannot be done in order to prevent your company from having to deal with lawsuits and other legal issues.

If you are looking for one of the best business lawyers and financial consultants in Dallas, then Dick Bufkin is the best lawyer for you. Dick Bufkin has over 35 years of experience in providing legal representation in financial and litigation oriented matters. He is recognized as one of the best financial attorneys in Dallas and is one of very few business lawyers who hold CFF (Certification in Financial Forensics) credentials from the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Dick Bufkin has extensive financial forensic skills and knowledge. Dick Bufkin offers a wide variety of legal services including valuations, family law, economical damages, computer forensics, bankruptcy, financial statement representation, and more. You should acquire the assistance of the attorney at this leading firm to ensure that your legal and financial matters are handled in the best possible manner.

The Bufkin Law Firm offers many legal services including financial consulting, litigation, and non-litigation assistance. They offer the most effective and affordable Litigation consulting services in Dallas. Whether you need consultancy services for partnership or fiduciary litigation, probate disputes, divorce, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, asset protection engagements, cases involving lost profits and other economic damages, they are here to help you. Dick Bufkin is up to date on all of the latest business laws and cases in order to provide the most excellent services to all of his clients.

Unlike other expert forensic attorneys in Dallas, Dick Bufkin gives close attention to each and every one of his clients in order to find the best solutions for their legal issues. The Bufkin Law offers affordable services, excellent representation, and leading consulting services in the Dallas area.