Guide to Purchasing Legal Time and Billing Software (Part 3 of 3)

In our last post, we mentioned that each of Easy Soft’s software packages are all-inclusive-in direct contrast to your standard legal software package. For one yearly cost (typically less than one hour of billable time), you get: >

Software Procurement.

Complete Training for your attorneys and staff.

Ongoing Educational Support geared towards your practice.

Technical Support -crucial in the event of outages, breakdowns, data loss, etc.

Personalized Service . During business hours, a human being always picks up the phone.

One Nominal Yearly Fee , so that you can plan your annual budget accordingly.

No Hidden Fee s.

Today, we wanted to mention a few extras that add to the value behind Easy Soft’s legal software packages.

One . Although Easy Soft specializes in making life easy for lawyers, our Technical Support Team and Business Analysts can introduce you to further administrative efficiencies you haven’t thought of-and won’t immediately discover. Our Business Analysts live and breathe not just technology-but the art and science of increasing the efficiencies behind your specific practice and small business.

For example, for optimum utilization of Easy Time Bill (ETB) Software , straight hourly billing differs from retainer or fixed fee billing, and both differ greatly from contingency billing. ETB contains special features to be used in tandem with our Easy Trust Software . We set you up right the first time, so there are no errors-only ease, efficiency, and incredible convenience.

Two . We absolutely practice what we preach. Our company aims to create efficiencies for our customers-not just for the first three months after you give us your business, but for the entire life cycle of your software. Take our training webinars .

At the outset, we live-host weekly software training webinars for all products of Easy Soft . During each live hosting, there might be a few dozen participants. Typically, a recorded copy of the webinar is also available online-at your convenience, and the convenience of each of your attorneys and staff members. What could be easier than that?

Three . We don’t believe in off-shore outsourcing. All of our programmers and technical support personals are located in the same Easy Soft headquarters-right here in New Jersey . If a question arises that our skilled and able Tech Support Team doesn’t have answers for, they can turn immediately to our Business Analysts for more complete information. In other words, your call goes right to the source. One way or the other, we are likely to have a speedy answer for you-with full comprehension of your issue, and without messy language barriers.

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