Factors behind the Increasing Divorce Rates

There is no question the number of marriages ending in divorce has risen dramatically. There seems to be no one specific reason why this is so. In fact there are many reasons why the rate of divorce in the USA has risen and continues to rise as it does today. Here are some of those reasons.

Stigma. It was not so long ago that people were ashamed to be divorced because of the social stigma attached to it. The society had vague understanding of divorce and its corresponding consequences. Before, society looked down on divorce as a taboo and thus the stigma arose.

Today the vast majority of divorces are granted under what is known as irreconcilable differences. This is a term which covers any number of reasons adultery, cruelty, desertion, etc. Because the reason why the marriage has ended is therefore rarely disclosed; the once dreaded stigma has been removed or reduced significantly.

Another important factor is the change in the law. The irreconcilable differences mentioned above is a major part of these law changes. The whole divorce process is far simpler today than ever before. In fact, a couple can divorce without hiring a lawyer through the help of online resources making the entire process straightforward. No longer do people have to hire a private investigator to find proof that their partner is cheating. In short, if one partner wants a divorce there is a slim chance for the other spouse to stop the divorce proceeding.

Financial independence, particularly for women, is another factor in the rising rate of divorce. Not so long ago, the male was the breadwinner and the female stayed home and looked after the kids. However, women make up a significant part of the labor force today and a woman is able to support herself and even her children although both parents must share the costs of raising their children.

Changing roles is also significant. Women today are employed in most fields including the armed forces. Some couples find the definition of wife and mother to be a problem. With women having to work or wanting to work, some conservative philosophies are under attack. Changing the status quo does have repercussions and in some cases this means an increase in divorce statistics.

It is a fact that many people who divorce re-marry and it is a further fact that many second and third marriages end in divorce. This can be for a variety of reasons not least of which concerns step-children.

Finally it has to be noted that statistics are easy to read and digest but they are not the true face of divorce. The increase in divorce has a severe impact on society in many ways. It is bad economically as supporting parents struggle to maintain payments and live their own life. Mental illness from stress as a result of divorce is a massive cost to the economy. Children from broken homes are far more likely to be at-risk and engage in anti-social and illegal behavior. And crime increases can be directly related to young people who lack strong parental care and affection.