Dating After a Divorce – Tips to Help You Rebound Back From a Divorce and Start Dating Again

Dating can be tough for a guy even when he hasn’t been out of the game for a while, but if you have spent the last few years being married and now you find yourself back out there after the divorce, it can be REALLY tough to handle. For some guys, it’s enough to keep them away from meeting new women and dating in general. Of course, if you do that, then you only guarantee that you are going to continue feeling like you are out of the loop.

;Here are some tips that can help you get back in the dating game after a divorce:

;1. Take a little time to handle and confront whatever baggage you might have after the divorce.

;It’s so easy to sabotage yourself if you still carry onto the pain and the emotional baggage that is inevitable after a marriage breaking up. The thing is, you do need to take some time to handle that, or else you will get caught up in all of that old stuff and it can get in the way of you moving forward. Just make sure that you don’t linger too long, because the longer you wait, the harder it is going to be for you to get back out there.

;2. Don’t think of the next woman you meet as being instant relationship material.

;One thing that a lot of guys make the mistake of doing when they try to get back in the game is, they try to get into another long term relationship very quickly. It’s perfectly fine to wait it out and see where it goes, plus you don’t want to scare off the first woman you date by coming on too strong. It’s easy to do, and when it happens, it can crush your ego and make it harder to bounce back.

;3. Get some practice in reading a woman’s signals and her body language.

;Chances are, you are going to be a little “rusty” when it comes to reading into a woman’s signs and her body language and you want to give yourself some practice reading women. You probably got to know your ex really well, but that can sometimes be a hinderance, as you expect all women to read the same way. They don’t. Practice, engage women in conversation and get a feel for what clues they give out and give off so that you are prepared to do well in the dating game.