Where do you turn if struggling with exorbitant bills in the credit crunch? Overwhelmed by mounting debts, facing redundancy, and crippling mortgages, not to mention possible repossession or even divorce brought on by the all the stress, seeking legal advice can seem daunting. As the credit crunch bites ever deeper, small companies, along with individuals, desperate for lawful advice is turning to the Websites.

Enter Net Lawman, a friendly team of professionals, who supply legal advice, draft documents and supply blank copies for use at low cost. The documents in plain English come with explanatory notes, which can be used repeatedly. More people (and companies) are turning to Net Lawman. It’s not difficult to see why. Net Lawman, a leading online document supplier, has recently unveiled a new Website and expanded their range of services to a wider audience. A dedicated team of helpful professionals, including real lawyers, prepares documents, to provide cost-effective legal aid. All documents are kept right up to date in accordance with changes in the law.

Not surprisingly, Net Lawman has gained widespread recognition for delivering high quality, low cost legal advice. The market for low cost caring legal advice has never been stronger, says Miriam Taylor, law advisor for Net Lawman. What’s more the range of services and documents cover a broad spectrum from wills and probate, powers of attorney, separation to redundancy.

Net Lawman also provides low cost advice to small business, especially new companies, with tricky matters like dealing with redundancy, rules on conciliation, health and safety issues, and employment contracts.

Unlike the high street solicitors that charge by the minute, where travel time and parking add to mounting costs, cheap legal help from Net Lawman is available online. So Net Lawman provides a convenient service to customers via their own computers. In fact, so many small businesses have been impressed by the substantial savings, made by turning to Net Lawman instead of the typical solicitor. In some cases, this amounts to around 60%.

Net Lawman is confident that any business, big or small, can save thousands of pounds by using their legal documents. Fast, receptive and always efficient, Net Lawman provides cheap template documents on a non-liability basis. So choosing Net Lawman is far preferable to a solicitor, where the paperwork may be swamped in jargon.

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