Boost Self-Esteem During Divorce

If you are someone in the process of or just beginning a divorce, you are probably feeling emotionally lost. This is normal because you can’t guess what is coming down the road and you may never thought you would be in this place. It’s important that you realize you are not alone and almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

Don’t dwell in guilt and blame, you are taking the steps to a better life. If you and your spouse cannot stay married any longer, then you should move on. The focus needs to be on your future as well as your emotional well being. The past needs to be left in the past, for you and your children, if you have any.

So, how do you keep a positive angle, keep up your self esteem when you feel like the world is ending? One way is to smile. Yes, just smile. Practice that in front of the mirror. If you are being victimized by your soon to be ex-spouse, nothing will confuse him or her more if you are always smiling. The fact that you maybe in the middle of a tremendous untruths in the divorce proceeding will make staying positive difficult. You will need to stay on your game in order to defend your name and reputation.

Don’t give up! You have everything you need within. Make sure you wake up each day with this thought, “I am smart and I am valuable.” This is one way to build your self-esteem when going through a divorce. Surround yourself with friends who are positive and understanding, try to have fun and get out. This will recharge you batteries – which you’ll need should you end up in court.

Getting what is rightfully yours may mean you have to fight for it. Visit the library, talk to divorce friends. Get educated and you will be on the right track. Find a lawyer that is recommended by people who have been through a divorce.

When the divorce is final try to move one, it’s the only way to heal. Get ready to focus on your future: buy new clothes, take a min-vacation. Love will come into your life again. You just may realize that you can be on your own and that life is good. Take time to find out who you are and redefine your relationships with your children as a single parent. You will succeed and you will go on to a better future.