Attitude of Entitlement and the Law of Attraction

If you desire $1 million, what are you prepared to give for it? You may only be prepared to invest $1 for the lottery ticket, trusting to luck.

“Luck is Preparedness Meeting Opportunity” – Earl Nightingale (Lead the Field)

Implicitly stated in the above quote is the requirement for work, resulting in “Preparedness”. You must undertake preparatory work in order to receive your desired outcome, in order to prepare yourself for when opportunity presents itself.

For example, if you wish to make your millions through a passive on-line web-site, surely it will require work to develop your product, learn the necessary marketing strategies and build your web-site. Perhaps you are going to buy a web-site or have someone else build it for you. Therefore, you will probably need to work for the money with which to pay for these services.

Napoleon Hill interviewed many of the most wealthy Industrialists, Businessmen, Inventors in the early 20th century and categorized their character traits leading to their sucess. In neither “Think and Grow Rich” nor “Law of Success” does he state that one need only sit back and wait for success to fall upon you.

Examine the work ethis oc today’s successful to determine if any of them have worked for their success. Bill Gates? Donald Trump? Michael Jackson? U2? Aerosmith? Have they not given something in return for their success? Can you honestly expect to do otherwise?

I believe the critical aspect to the “Law of Attraction” is the extent to which you must work for your desired outcome. Most of the working world works hard at getting ahead, however, they are unaware of, or do not utilize, the power of the “Law of Attraction”. Utilization of the Law of Attraction allows you to leverage your work effort, allowing you to do less work toward your Desired Outcome than without the law.

Summary of the process underlying the Law of Attraction

1. Visualize your objective (Desired Outcome) in as much detail as you can. Write it down, commit it to paper, put together a Vision Board or, better yet, a Mind Movie. Have a tangible record of your objective (Napoleon Hill’s “Definite Chief Aim”). Associate as much emotion (a Burning Desire) with this goal as you can. Live it, breathe it, expect it.

2. Take the appropriate action to receive it. Be consciously aware of any, and all, opportunities to take you closer to your goal. Perhaps it is through corporate advancement (with associated benefits) or a lateral move to another company. Perhaps it is only the intuitive feeling that you need to buy a lottery ticket for the next draw.

However, make no mistake, there is action required in order to achieve your dreams. Take a very close look at those who claim otherwise and you will, in most (if not all) cases, find they have put in effort (and successfully leveraged others efforts) to achieve their goals.


Visualize, then take appropriate action to realize your dreams.

I believe society needs to change its collective mind set. I don’t believe we are entitled to anything we have not earned. We can, however, leverage our work effort, and dramatically leverage it, through application of the Law of Attraction so as to legitimately earn our desired outcomes, our objectives, our goals.

Thoughtful and consistent application of the Law of Attraction, the full underlying process of “Visualization”, followed by appropriate “Action”, is what separates those who work hard and those who work, seemingly effortlessly, to achieve their goals.