Attention Law Office Manager If they Know You’re Watching they will be Working

A very old and very wise legal publication company that was established in 1905 – The Columbia Law List ( has been working with collection law firms in helping facilitate new collection law clients and other collection industry products and legal services for many years. The Chairman of Columbia Law List, Warren Pinchuck, just celebrated his 51st year working with law firms for the Columbia Law List. Warren Pinchuck has been the Arrangement Chairman of The Commercial Law League of America Eastern District for over 20 years. Warren is responsible for attracting thousands of commercial and retail collection law offices to its annual CLLA New York Eastern District Conference over the years.

The Columbia Law List has really gotten to know how law offices operate. In Fact, Columbia Law List maintains a collection law consulting department that works with law firms on management and collection industry technology. The President of Columbia Law List, Robert Pinchuck, is responsible for launching several legal technology products and service companies. Robert worked with Bijal Chhadva to create Law Office 007 ( Bijal company Cherrybyte has developed and launched several other web based projects with great success.

Law Office 007 is the only advanced Employee Accountability tracking software. Developed by people who have direct contact with thousands of law firms on a monthly basis. The software was written under the advice of many law office managers and partners in prestigious law offices.

The software’s goal was to organize a law office’s case loads and generate reports to help manage the law practice. In the middle of development, one of the key legal advisors said -wouldn’t if be great to watch over our staff when we are out of the office or at a conference?- Robert Pinchuck got up in the middle of the next night and wrote down the entire concept of lawyers and office managers to be able to look at whatever their employees are working on without being directly standing behind them. And be capable of communicating by web cam to all employees while out of the office.

The software and website took nearly a year to develop. Law Office 007 is an affordable solution that will most definitely increase the production of law office employees.

Just knowing that the office manager or lawyers can see their screen shots will convince employees not to go off on social networks or personal business while working in the office. It is also a great communications solution for managers and employees for tracking work hours, vacations or sick time.

The software is priced at $37 per month that includes 10 employees and only $3 per month for each addition employee. The website offers a 60 day Free Trial, Benefits, FAQ’s and Video Tutorials to teach users how to operate it effectually.

Please go to and start to manage your Law Office more efficiently.