Law Courses in India

India has an acute shortage of law professionals as there are more than half a crore cases pending at various court levels. Supreme Court alone has 50, 000 pending cases to deal with many more thousands piling up every month. These whopping figures do not only show the backlog of legal case but also emphasizes the constantly increasing crime rate in India.

The professions in law industry include that of judges, lawyers, advocates, paralegals, attorneys, legal assistants, legal secretaries, stenotype (court) reporter, legal writing, legal recruiting and justices at various levels. Even law teachers and practitioners are in high demand to train the upcoming law students and trainees. It is a profession that burdens a lot of responsibility and accountability on your shoulders. The ratio of lawyers per lakh is apparently lesser than what it should be and thus the demand for lawyers in India has grown manifold.

In order to cater to the multiplying need of legal professionals in the country, many law courses have been coming up. There are short term and long term courses, diplomas and degrees, distance learning and regular courses offered by law studies.

Law colleges in Delhi can be listed as:

Amity Law School, Saket, New Delhi
Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
The Indian Law Institute, Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi

Important Universities across India includes:

University of Bombay, Faculty of Law, Maharashtra.
University of Lucknow, Faculty of Law, Lucknow
University of Madras, Faculty of Law, Madras
University of Mysore, Faculty of Law, Mysore, Karnataka
Andhra University, Faculty of Law, Visakhapathnam, Andhra Pradesh
Bangalore University, Faculty of Law, Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore
Barkatullah University, Department of Law, Bhopal
Department of Law, University Campus, Kariavattom, Kerala
Government Law College, Churchgate, Mumbai
Government Law College, Kerala
Pondicherry University, Faculty of Law, Kalapet, Pondicherry
Shivaji University, Faculty of Law, Maharashtra
Sri. Venkateswar, University, Faculty of Law, Andhra Pradesh
Aditya College of Law, Agra, UP
ILS Law College, Pune
Bharathi Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra
Bharathiar Univeristy, Faculty of Law, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Dr. Ambedkar College of Law, Wadala, Mumbai
KLE Society’s Law College, Bangalore, Karnataka
Kurukshetra University, Sirsa, Haryana
Mahatma Gandhi College of Law, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Law studies are mostly associated with lawyers but law students do not need to necessarily become lawyers. They can build a career in the fields related to education, politics, business, paralegal and research, journalism, civil service, court administration and court officers.

The profession of Law asks for strong organizational skills and communication abilities coupled with a logical and analytical understanding. The legal system of a country is expected to peacefully resolve disputes while protecting societys best interests. The remuneration in this career varies and depends broadly on the specialized or general career you choose like in civil law, criminal law, income tax law, international law, constitutional law, corporate law, patent law, labor law, etc.

Eligibility Required:
There are two ways of studying law courses in India. The options are:
-Pursuing a three year LLB after graduation, or
-BA LLB (Honors), a five year course after 10+2
You can also opt for two year Post Graduate Programmes in Law (LLM).
Usually, the scores at graduation level make you eligible to take up the law course but some universities conduct entrance tests like All India Entrance examination.

Further, one year internship is compulsory that may be completed in the final year of the course. These courses offer a combined theoretical and practical training that includes court attendance, legal aid centres and research projects.

Hire bankruptcy lawyer to reduce hassles of legal process

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts. It has emerged has an acceptable method of resolving serious financial troubles. Hiring the professional law firm is the worthwhile option to consider. These firms are known to reduce and ease all the hassles involved in the legal processes. You can opt for the online browsing options to find the reliable firms that offer excellent services to its clients and can provide you the efficient solutions to get out of the worst situations.

However, there are many law firms that understand the frustration and pain you are experiencing. This is one of the well-renowned and trustworthy law firm that help clients through the process of bankruptcy. With several years of experience in this field, the attorneys have established a strong reputation with a wide range of experience in bankruptcy law. They understand the importance of your case and will handle it using the utmost discretion and dedication.

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Considerations When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

The mere thought of one being arrested is traumatizing not only to the alleged suspect but also to his or her family members. When one has been charged with any criminal offense, one must be very careful when hiring a criminal lawyer, consider a person who is fully competent and has the ability to represent you fully in the court. Those who represent themselves end up regretting why they did not hire a criminal attorney because they lack the legal expertise.

This type of attorney handles vast cases such as, robbery, traffic violations, murder crimes, fraud cases, internet cases, theft, sexual crimes and many others. One should always remember that he or she is innocent until proven otherwise. The tips enumerated below will guide you when seeking services of this type of lawyer.

One of the valuable things to do is getting a referral from either friends or colleagues. One should note all the names given and then vet them until you find a favorable candidate who will represent you efficiently. The internet is also a resourceful place where one can browse through to get more information about this type of attorneys.

Once you select the best of all the candidates, one should then make an appointment with the office of the attorney. A competent one is always busy because he has many cases to handle. Thus, it is a good indicator of gauging his or her capabilities. When you find out that he or she is busy, the sub-ordinates should be friendly enough and have courtesy as you wait to be served.

Regardless of how an attorney has a good reputation of being successful, you should go through his legal documents that certify he or she is qualified and has the mandate to operate. However, the papers that one has should not be enough if he or she lacks any experience. The more experience the attorney has the better chances of being able to emerge victorious.

The cost that you are going to incur is also another point that you have to consider. The fee that you will be charged should be affordable and able to fit into your budget plan. You should know if you will have to pay a down payment first before getting any services or you will pay after the case has been successful.

A criminal attorney should find time to listen to your case to be able to prepare best grounds to defend you. You should also have private sessions for you to prepare your defense. This will prevent you from contradicting yourself in court. In addition to this, the attorney should be concerned of your own interest and not relate your lawsuit like those handled before.

Hiring a criminal lawyers is the best thing that you can do to yourself. If he or she will not be able to prove your innocence, will help in reducing either the compensation amount that you will be charged or the jail term. The tips above will be helpful if you implement them. Moreover, you will have a memorable experience when seeking services of this kind of a barrister that will help you build your defense.

Legal for Trade Scale- Ensures Good Business Practice

A legal for trade scale is basically a precision weighing scale that has approval of National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) administered by National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM). The scale is used for commercial operations where product is sold by weight. The scale is tested in accordance with the codes laid down by the handbook 44 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A legal for trade scale is subjected to stringent testing before it is awarded the certificate that allows the manufacturer to indent the legal-for-trade-mark on them. This makes it possible for them to sell the precision weighing scale to the end user for commercial use. The high quality electronic components and technology used in the manufacturing process, makes the NTEP scale costlier than a weighing scale that does not have the mark, legal-for- trade- mark.

The quality conformance test checks the weighing machine over a specified voltage range and subjects it to varying temperature. It closely monitors the ability of the balance machine to maintain a high degree of accuracy in-spite of repeated loading that is one-half of its capacity.

It is necessary to check for important features of a legal for trade digital scale to see whether it matches the NTEP and individual requirements. Some features like dual display, capacity versus display, Tare feature, computer pricing, printer, spill proof covering, battery and or 110v connection, removable platform, warranty and price should be checked thoroughly before investing in the precision weighing scale.

The new regulations make in mandatory to indent -Not for Direct Sales- on legal for trade scales that do not have the dual display unit. This makes it necessary for the end-user to install a second display unit in such a manner that it gives the customer an unhindered view of the weight reading. This ensures a greater transparency during the weight reading and ensures compliance of good business practice on the part of the end-user. When there is greater trust between the seller and the buyer it is good for both of them. You can learn more at

About Author :

Lawrence has been in the weighing machines industry for the last 14 years. He has been interested in the penetration of digital scales across various market segments. He has participated in the wide adoption of digital scales such as floor scales by small, medium and large businesses. His special area of interest has been maximizing the value proposition of a digital scale. You can know more at

Employment Attorneys Nyc Can Protect Your Employment Rights

Good working relationship must be practiced by both employer as well as worker in every company or organization. This relationship must be mutually beneficial. Meaning, for both parties must be benefited. The employer will generate more profits through their employees’ services, of which should be provided just salary in return. The system must work like this, however this isn’t happening in all workplaces.

Companies could steer clear of disputes with workers if they adhere to the work laws. Taking into consideration how complicated employment laws are; some individuals will definitely break some of it. If an employment law is breached, then somebody’s right is violated. If one is caught in this situation, it is important to employ an expert and well-experienced nyc employment lawyer.

Work-related concerns generally happen due to number of reasons. This is because of the fact that personnel are not all alike. They have different thoughts and religious beliefs and also personality and qualities. One other reason why issues at work take place is that an employer vocally or sexually exploits his staff, or was not able to provide him the agreed payment. Seasoned new york employment attorneys can handle the case no matter how complicated it is, particularly if the rights of their customer is clearly violated.

What Roles does an Employment Lawyer NYC Play?

Lawsuit is impossible to avoid if the dispute involves inappropriate termination and unjust compensation. Accident of personnel because of unsafe work practices and sexual harassment must go through legal procedure as well. There are also lots of workers who have filed complaints to the court as their retirement plans and benefits are not given to them. Engaging in a legal fight needs a tremendous amount of time, money, and patience. This is why nyc employment attorneys work as employees’ counselors and representatives.

The experts in this field will make their clients aware of what their employment rights are. After doing a thorough analysis of the case, they will then advise the client on the greatest thing to do. The lawyer will attempt to mediate between the employer and staff if the dispute is still negotiable. Nonetheless, they’re always prepared to represent their client at court if litigation is the only way to settle the issues.

Employees will have high chances of winning their case through the help of employment attorneys. In order to boost their client’s case, they will assess every work related documents and legal contracts. The approach called “preventive lawyering- is practiced by employment attorneys who work for business employers. This approach is done to make certain that state and federal employment laws are observed by the policies of the company.

Filing a case is not always the ideal thing to do to solve work-related issues based on employment lawyers. In fact, these experts are trying their very best to prevent filing of lawsuit because it is a laborious procedure. A worker chould think thoroughly if filing a case is the best thing to do if they do, their life, reputation, and career will be at stake.

Excellent oral and written communication skill is a characteristic that every nyc employment lawyer must possess. He should also be well-versed about everything written on the labor law. Last but not the least, he must have great analytical skills and is very sensitive as well. Just with these characteristics will he win the case.